Speaker, author, DEI business consultant, and Stage-4 breast cancer survivor, Kimberly S. Reed, announced today that she will publish her award-winning tips on how to thrive in the New Year. The tips stem from her larger volume of work that suggests choosing optimism is one of the most powerful actions you can take heading into 2022.

“From the look of things, 2022 is going to be yet another challenging year for most people,” said Kimberly S. Reed, author of the Amazon motivational self-help bestseller Optimists Always Win. “That’s why it’s important to adopt an optimistic outlook, which can be used as an actual tool anyone can use to get through a tough time and open the doors to some stunning opportunities.”

Reed knows better than most how to overcome adversity. She maintained positive spin on life even during the most dire situations. In fact, she wholeheartedly believes that optimism saved her life during her battle against a Stage-4 cancer diagnosis.

Now, she has decided to share her philosophy with others, at a time when most of us engage in a personal assessment – the beginning of the New Year. Reed has come up with a multi-step approach that she thinks can save thousands of lives.

“I’ve found, it is not the strongest people that survive or the most positive or most intelligent, but the most responsive to change who fare best. This isn’t easy. In fact, it’s hard; but these 5 tips can help anyone thrive in the New Year,” reports Reed.

Think of 2021 as a lesson to learn, not a negative season in your life to endure. Change the way you tell your story. What did I learn from the challenges of 2021 and how can I use them to level up my 2022? Winning begins when you change the way you tell your story. Consider this perspective – What has 2021 taught you that you can take into 2022?

  1. Practice gratitude. Gratitude is the rock fuel to our resilience. Take an inventory of your life and include all the things the pandemic prevented you from doing that you once took for granted. Also, consider all the people and things in your life that you’re grateful for, let gratitude shine a light in your soul. If you are reading this, be grateful for your survival.

  1. Stop Spreading Yourself superficially.  Stop investing in people who only reinforce your dysfunction. We all have levels of dysfunction – being perfect is an illusion. Let negative people, users, opportunists and toxic people fight for a spot. If you want uplifting, loyal, loving, positive people in your life, PUT THEM THERE. Don’t make then fight for a spot. Tell and show those people how much they mean to your life.

  1. Live with purpose, not just productivity. Be your own dessert. Work hard, crush your goals and be deliberate about enjoying life. Stop seeing the greatness in everyone except yourself, and stop obsessing over your failures, where you should be, comparing and competing. Reset and move forward with the beautiful life you are creating.

  1. Be Still— Most of us, underestimate the power of being still. Quieting the soul helps us process life’s adversities, the deeper you heal – the more layers of your trauma you turn into wisdom by being still – move through conflict and think before you speak aloud. Use times of self-isolation for self-reflection and think about the direction you want to take in the New Year.

  1. Heal – Seek your own honesty about how you feel or what you are going through. Healing changes the way you tell your story. Take your time and allow yourself to move through in grace. There is no expiration on the time it takes YOU to heal. Healing is less about fixing yourself and more about fixing your vision of who you are becoming. Healing changes your focus and the trajectory of your life.

“In 2022, it’s going to be important to stop waiting for perfect conditions to start really living,” suggests Reed. “You can be happy right now, in this very moment, despite the pandemic or whatever crisis you might be facing, by fully accepting yourself, embracing life’s struggles, and realizing that it’s through these very things that you can see the beauty in life.”

To learn more about Kim Reed and her optimist’s philosophy visit:  http://optimistsalwayswin.com/

About Kimberly S. Reed

Kimberly Reed is an award-winning international speaker, author, corporate trainer, and diversity, equality, and inclusion executive. With more than 20 years in HR, talent/recruitment acquisition, diversity, equality, and inclusion expertise, Kimberly has successfully countermanded inadequate and/or troublous diversity practices by designing, building, leading, and shaping dynamic, high-performing work cultures. She is the founder and CEO of Reed Development Group, a cutting-edge multi-disciplined Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion solutions firm.