Application of Chemshun Ceramics products:

Used as the wear resistant ceramic liner products, ceramic grinding media, chemical tower packing/catalyst supports materials, applied in the mining&minerial, port, cement, power, chemical, petrochemical, refinery, ceramics etc industries.

Has strong research and production capability, with an annual production capacity of 5000 tons of wear-resistance and 10000ton kinds of ceramic grinding media, 5000m3 catatalyst support and various chemical tower packing, We aim to serve clients from all over the world.

Chemshun wear resistance Ceramic liner including: Alumina ceramic plain tile, ZTA ceramic liners, ceramic weldable plate, alumina pipe liner, ceramic blocks, abrasion resistant lining, lined pipe and fitting, ceramic linings, wear-resistance ceramic linings, chemshun pre-engineered equipment lined ceramics and paiting, custom designed alumina ceramic, hexagonal ceramics sheet, square ceramic lining pieces, ceramic liner, Ceramic Conveyor Pulley Lagging, ceramic tube and all kind of engineered ceramics, the finished equipment according to drawings. Products used in the mineral, steel, power, port, cement, ceramic, glass etc industries, and was fixed on the equipment of chute, cyclone, cone, fan etc.

Catalyst support media/support covering materials (Inert ceramic balls, 99 alumina balls, all kind of ceramic/alumina rings) and all kinds of tower packings(Mat: Eramic/Plastic/Metallic), saddles, pall rings, flower rings, heilex, raschig rings, cascade mini rings etc) and ceramic honeycomb products.