This webinar gave insights on strengthening virtual team engagement and dealing with mental health problems while working remotely.

Anjali Joshi, a mental health advocate, said, “In order to keep your mind healthy, one thing you need is planning. Prepare a to-do list, do not overburden yourself and set your priorities straight. You have to follow this little tender discipline to strike the right chord between work and personal life. Remember, your work is not your final identity; you are a lot more important than your work.”

Addressing the audience about keeping a virtual team motivated, she opined, “There is a huge difference between managing your work and being managed by your work. Make your team members manage their work and as a leader, you decide how much work to give to an employee to keep them in comfort.”

The awareness about Mental health and its consequences on employees’ wellness is deficient across organizations. However, this webinar redefined mental health with solutions to help employees flourish personally and professionally. Also, Anjali gave various ideas to boost employee job performance and increase productivity.

The participants also got the opportunity to win ebooks on “Mental health at a virtual workplace.” The event concluded with Priya Nath giving a closing note. She also highlighted various services offered by OpenGrowth Academy and its initiatives, OpenGrowth Hub and OpenGrowth Community.

The event saw participation from students and professionals from various fields.

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