FSD smashes illegal fuel filling stations in joint operation (with photos)


     The Fire Services Department (FSD), the Hong Kong Police Force and Hong Kong Customs mounted a territory-wide joint operation codenamed “Winter Thunder” yesterday and today (December 21 and 22). Thirteen illegal fuel filling stations were smashed and a total of about 52,000 litres of diesel with an estimated market value of about $900,000 was seized.

     During the operation, 10 oil tank wagons, three light goods vehicles with diesel on board, and a large quantity of fuelling tools were found by FSD personnel. Fifteen men and four women aged 40 to 60 years old suspected to be connected with the case were intercepted. They will later be charged with suspected offences under the Fire Services (Fire Hazard Abatement) Regulation, the Dangerous Goods Ordinance and the Dangerous Goods (General) Regulations. 

     To protect public safety, the FSD will consider suspending the licences of the dangerous goods vehicles involved. Upon conviction, the FSD may revoke the licences and prohibit the vehicles from any further conveyance of dangerous goods. The FSD had already seized all the diesel involved and will later apply for forfeiture orders from the court.

     The FSD has all along been committed to combating all kinds of illicit fuelling activities. The FSD called on professional drivers and citizens not to patronise illegal fuel filling stations. As these illegal fuel filling stations lack the proper fire safety installations and equipment used for fuel filling stations, the consequences could be catastrophic in the event of fire. In addition, the quality and the source of the diesel are unknown, and the use of such questionable diesel may bring about damage to vehicle engines.


     Members of the public are urged to report suspected illegal fuel filling stations to the FSD by calling the 24-hour hotline 2723 8787.