FreeToker, a social movement for incentivizing honest and informative discussion about the blockchain space, is set to launch the presale of its utility FTK token soon. The presale will be done in 10 phases to raise $15 million. The funding will be used to purchase apple devices for ‘FreeTokers’ (content creators under the FreeToker umbrella), marketing, liquidity, growth, and platform development.

FreeToker was launched on a set of fundamental ideas that promote and empower content creators to spark truthful and informative discussions within the nascent blockchain sector. This was after the experienced team behind FreeToker realized that fake news had become an epidemic that mainly claimed retail investors and token backers as its victims.

FreeToker Presale

The objective of the presale is twofold: raise enough funds to further develop the FreeToker object of having thousands of paid creators under its umbrella giving the project incredible reach and power within the space and also with an future of using this reach and power via truthful advocacy to allow project enthusiasts to back a project in its infancy stages.

By securing a stake in FreeToker, token backers play a crucial role in curbing crypto fake news while increasing their chances of reaping outsized returns on their investment for the simple fact that content creators dictate the pace of the market.

A total of 1 billion FTK tokens will be minted (on Binance Smart Chain) with 65% (650 million) being made available to the public via a presale allocation. 5% of the total token supply is reserved for seed investors.

  • Max Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Presale Allocation: 65% (650 million)
  • Liquidity: 15% (150 million)
  • FreeToker Rewards: 10% (100 million)
  • Seed Investor Allocation: 5% (50 million)
  • Team Allocation: 5% (50 million)

Token backers can participate in the presale by registering on the FreeToker website.

Content Creators

FreeToker is ushering in a new era where anyone from anywhere can get paid for being a creator. After signing up on the social platform, content creators are given a brand new iPhone 13 Pro to use to create educational content that informs and brings awareness to the blockchain space. FreeToker content creators will earn $FTK tokens.

Content creators can apply to be FreeTokers using this link.

Benefiting the Crypto Community

The value proposition of FreeToker to the community is to benefit all the stakeholders through timely and informative content free from manipulation. It seeks to empower content creators by paying them in the appreciating FTK token.

Token investors and backers are treated to honest information which guides the decisions they make. FreeToker is creating a new crypto era where honesty, informed decisions, and educational content plays a crucial role in furthering crypto awareness and adoption. Apply to be a FreeToker!

About FreeToker

FreeToker is a social movement for incentivizing honest and informative discussions about the nascent blockchain technology and taking a strong stand against fake news and misinformation.

Content creators are given an iPhone when they sign up on the platform and will earn monthly in FTK tokens. Token enthusiasts can back FreeToker by joining the presale. Would-be content creators can also get started with free Apple devices and tokens paid monthly.

For more information about FreeToker, visit the following links:

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  • TikTok
  • Website
  • Content Creator Application