On January 2nd, iris will introduce a new feature called Super Search to help its members experience better connections in less time. Instead of asking members to swipe endlessly, Super Search will produce a personalized set of results for each member out of the 100,000 most recently active users. The list of Super Search results will include the users most likely to lead to mutual attraction.

Super Search will cost a one-time (non-recurring) $9.99 fee. “You pay once, run Super Search, and we hope to never see you again,” said Daniel Mori, Chief Product Officer at iris. “That means that unlike other dating apps, iris is actually designed to be deleted.”

iris uses artificial intelligence (AI), to analyze thousands of facial features to learn what kind of person the user finds visually attractive. It uses this AttractionDNA™ to connect people who are likely to be a match.

After downloading the app, each user undergoes a three-phase training process so iris’ artificial intelligence can learn their physical type. In the first phase of training, members like approximately 5% of the random stock photos shown to them. By the third phase, once iris has started showing recommended photos, they like on average 50%.

iris is available for download on IOS or Android. For more information, visit irisdating.com.