Is it possible to make devotional music that excites an audience outside the Christian community? After listening to Intimacy, the answer is a resounding yes!

This album is the creation of husband-and-wife duo Prof. Richard and Dr. Sheena Lovia Boateng who lead the Christian Pop band ‘Believe Over Hope’.

And why does it work so well? Firstly, it doesn’t preach, and the lyrics are written in such a way that they can be applied to people from any walk of life and no matter what life views you hold dear. Secondly, the real icing on the cake is the musical blends that the album is threaded from, everything from soul to pop to dance to R&B and beyond.

After the spoken word introduction, a declaration of the love and faith that the couple share, we head into Thank You Sheena which continues the theme of appreciation and thanks over a soulful dance groove. Birthday From Heaven takes a pop stance but one driven by rich, reggaeton-infused vibes. It is smooth and sassy, full of gorgeous groove and rolling rhythms, lilting along in a way that dares you not to dance and again full of positivity celebrating both another birthday and the love that the two have for each other.

And if proof was needed that Believe Over Hope easily moves with the times, the version of Dark Valentine found here is one that drives along on a skittering trap sound, all sharp percussion and bass pulses. But whereas such a sound would normally be used to set up a hip-hop sort of feel, here the added infusion of their homespun influences means that the result is what they quite perfectly call AfroTrap, a rich blend of African pop-dance traditions and the sound of more Western originated urban sounds.

Intimacy, Draw Me To Your Love, is gorgeously slow-burning, the ultimate sonic act of devotion and love, rising up from a graceful neo-soul sound, the song slowly surrounding itself with increasing musical layers, additional instrumentation, rising beats, cocooning itself in swathes of extra harmonies and deftly moving from understatement to anthem over the course of six minutes.

You Stole My Diamond is a timeless pop-soul track that again rises out of a fairly minimal place, one where the vocals are the main focal point before things take on a more dramatic tone to match and underline the power of the message, that physical belongings and money pale into insignificance in the face of the love of the Lord. And again, such a song would not seem out of place in the pop charts and it is this ability to blend musical accessibility with a devotional message that makes the album and the artists behind it, such a potent act and such successful creators.

What makes this nine-track album stand head and shoulders above many found in the same realm is its brilliant accessibility. The lyrical message is often subtle and relatable meaning that, there is still much to be enjoyed here by everyone. The band partnered with the African music streaming platform, Aftown, to create this unique piece of art.

About Believe Over Hope

Devoutly spreading the joy of His word through the proud proclamation of their faith through the beauty of music – the contemporary worship band Believe Over Hope is a strong call to all those that embrace Jesus as their true Lord & Savior. Through their dedicated efforts in all areas of Christianity, Believe Over Hope utilizes music, education, and Godly worship to bring His message right to the people.