Everything in life is a presentation and those who can communicate, will illuminate.

Turn hesitation and best guesses into confidence and success. The Effective Presenter contains the key components that simplify workplace communication and captivate audiences. Instead of feeling nervous, overwhelmed, and scattered, imagine feeling energized, excited, and enthusiastic about an upcoming presentation.

Imagine a presenter about to step in front of an audience. Instead of second guessing themselves and hoping that they’ve included everything pertinent or that others will be pleased with their presentation, they’re calm and confident knowing that they have considered all aspects of the presentation. They haven’t left anything to chance. It’s the feeling of submitting a valuable project or proposal that has met every criterion, knowing the expectation has been nailed, versus the feeling of simply hoping for the best.

The Effective Presenter strengthens overall speaking confidence and equips professionals with the tools, skills, and strategies to deliver their message with maximum impact.

The Effective Presenter has been methodically designed to be the most practical and effective professional communication resource available. The lessons and insights contained within have been utilized worldwide by interns and industry leaders alike. Author, Ryan J. Warriner, has infused this playbook with vast amounts of data, research, and over a decade of professional speaking experience. Centering around a proprietary presentation framework, Warriner’s book outlines the complete formula, step by step, to prepare, design, and deliver an effective professional presentation. This framework has been proven to ensure the presenter has afforded themselves the highest probability of success, in any circumstance.

Ryan J. Warriner is a Professor of Communication, Executive Coach, as well as a published author of the revolutionary new book, The Effective Presenter: The Winning Formula for Business Communication. Additionally, he is the host of the Professionally Speaking Podcast, has written dozens of insightful articles for Thrive Global, and worked with more than 75 organizations of all sizes. With over a decade of professional communication experience and expertise, he has mastered the science of optimum communication, strategic direction planning, and powerfully effective presentations.

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