OKLink, the world-leading blockchain big-data company, has launched support for 9 new languages including Russian, French, German, Japanese, Turkish, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, Vietnamese on its official website to spread its reach across boundaries.
The new language options will provide more opportunities for OKLink’s international expansion, which is progressing steadily, while the company serving more than 50 million blockchain participants around the world over time.

OKLink is one of the leading blockchain companies from China. Ranging from product research and development, blockchain adoption, blockchain crime crackdown to police education and training, lab research and investigation, OKLink has been acting as a leading power in blockchain industry since its inception in 2013.

After years of dedication in blockchain big-data and blochchain security industry, OKLink has launched a series of blockchain products including OKLink Blockchain Explorer, Chaintelligence and Chainhub, providing blockchain big-data service for millions of customers in China. Chaintelligence, the well-known blockchain big-data/security product in China, has assisted police from over 30 provinces and cities in solving a spate of blockchain crimes and recovering over $10 billion worth of cryptoassets.

“We are happy to announce that OKLink is rolling out the first wave of local language support. People from Germany, France, Japan, Vietnam and many other countries can visit OKLink in a way that feels a bit more native to them,” Chao Zhang, vice president of OKLink said.

“Implementing brand internationalization strategy and providing world-class products and services are OKLink’s core objectives. In August, OKLink joined Global Digital Finance (GDF) as an Advisory Council Member and the Chamber of Digital Commerce (CDC) President’s Circle, strengthening communication with global tech giant and industry leaders, promoting blockchain security and AML standards. By launching support for 9 new languages, OKLink will speed up internationalization, follow up the on-chain data needs among global markets, serving global blockchain participants with world-class blockchain big-data products.”

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