GoSats; India’s first Bitcoin Rewards company has introduced a new feature in their mobile application called ‘Sats Spinner’ that allows every GoSats user to win free Bitcoin rewards on a daily basis. With every spin, users will be receiving Sats or Satoshis; the smallest unit of the Bitcoin Cryptocurrency. 

Expressing his views on the new feature, Mohammed Roshan, CEO & Co-Founder at GoSats says, “We at GoSats are always trying to come up with new ways to enhance the user experience on our platform and I think the introduction of Sats Spinner will be a revelation in the sector. The feature allows every GoSats user to win free Satoshis on every spin they make, the range of Sats and chances to spin the Sats Spinner will keep increasing with the user ranking on the platform. For instance, a user ranked Bronze can win a maximum of 500 Sats on every spin while a user ranked Gold can win a maximum of 5k Sats on every spin they make”

GoSats maps the progression of their users by ranking them in Bronze, Silver and Gold categories. The progression on each levels depends upon the number of Sats accumulated by the respective user, for Bronze a user would need stack upto 20k Sats, for Silver a user would need to stack 20k-50k Sats while for Gold a user would need to stack 50k+ Sats on the platform.

Under the Sats Spinner feature a Bronze user can spin the wheel once on a daily basis and can win upto a maximum of 500 Sats, a Silver user on the other hand will also have the same benefits but they can earn an extra spin with every voucher purchase of atleast 2k INR. The Gold users will have the luxury of getting a surplus spin on every voucher purchase they make irrespective of the pricing and their maximum Sats winning limit per spin will also increase to 5k Sats.

Excited about the introduction of Sats Spinner, Ms. Roshni Aslam, Co-Founder at GoSats says, “Introducing a feature in the market that enables users to accumulate free Bitcoin rewards seems like a very interesting proposition to us. We hope GoSats users will not miss out on the opportunity and will stack some much valuable Bitcoin rewards”

“In the near future,  we will be further optimising the Sats Spinner feature and will try & provide surplus spins to users based on their purchases” – She further adds