Nowadays, you might have a difficult time dealing with your e-mail address. From different online stores to social networks and from different websites that need this address for registration or simply to send you newsletters. The list is endless where all of them require an e-mail account. Instead of using your usual email, a fake email also known as a temporary email address is a perfect option for you.

So, how do a temporary e-mail address quickly without creating some new accounts on some websites? has answers for you. This is a third-party platform for windows software download. The portal shares the demo, trial, and freeware software versions on it. All these files come from software developer sites. Here, interested parties can get software solutions, part of them being a temporary email address.

What is a temporary email address?

A temporary e-mail address is an email address created for use within a specified period, say of up to 60 days only. It is a great way to save money and improve the safety of your real email address. This is the email to use with spam, newsletter or mailings offers.

According to, it helps if you do not want to give out your private and permanent email address because it might be hacked later. However, you might want to avoid spam and get new letters from your main email address. If that is the case, a temporary email address is all you need. on temporary email addresses!

Information from shows that it is easy and fast to get a temporary email address. You can choose from different domains and combine them with four kinds of email addresses. They could be regular addresses, plus addresses, numbers and alphanumeric. is helping you create a temporary email address by doing the following:

  • Go to the website and choose your domain name
  • Enter your email address
  • Choose a password so you can access it easily in the future
  • Press the ‘Generate’ button
  • You will receive an e-mail with all further information on how to activate your temporary inbox safely
  • After this, you can now access your inbox and choose the language you will be using to read your e-mails
  • Download the toolbar which is free and enjoy

Using your Temporary email address

All temporary email services are unique and free. You can create an unlimited number of addresses in a few minutes. says that:

  • All temporary emails generators on the website work with their Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). Therefore, users can send letters to their main e-mail address and not worry about spam and security problems.
  • Users can reply to their friends with a temporary email address. You can create a unique e-mail, which is easy to remember for your use. For example, this is what you need if you want to try a product or service and want to be sure that the company will not add your email address to their mailing lists.
  • A unique temporary e-mail address is good for replying to announcements. Therefore, you can create an email, which is easy to remember and use it as a reply e-mail for announcements.

For example, you can put the link on your website and allow visitors to send you an email if they want. In addition, if somebody asks you where you found that information or something similar, you will be sure that no one will add your email address to any list.

  • Webmasters can use a temporary email address to get feedback from visitors concerning their website, make polls and so on. This solution is becoming more popular among people who are looking for anonymous email addresses.

Visitors to have nothing to worry about their security. The company has a strict privacy policy that safeguards the interests of its visitors. Therefore, they do not share visitors’ log files with other parties whatsoever. for Temporary Email Address!

Instead of using your private email address for all kinds of things, a temporary email address will help you accomplish that. Most importantly, this helps to safeguard your main email address and even protect you from online hacking. Therefore, a temporary email address will help you do several things, which you would otherwise shy away from when using your main email address.