VXG announces full integration of any camera with any AI engine. Originally founded in 2016, with headquarters in Toronto, Canada by experts in Video Management Software (VMS) and Video Artificial Intelligence (AI). Created with over 20 years of experience in the video surveillance industry and with the idea to make video AI solutions highly scalable and more affordable.

VXG is an open AI Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS)/VMS company that offers a platform connecting any camera to any AI, at any scale. VXG provides cloud and on-premise software, and connects cameras to leading AI solutions including Amazon Rekognition, Azure Cognitive Services, Google VisionAI, and OpenVINO, as well as any proprietary vision AI. Delivering unlimited scalability, massive cost reductions, and extensive bandwidth saving.

Similar to other VSaaS/VMS vendors, VXG offers a complete video management platform with functions like camera management, multi-format video streaming, and cloud or on-premise video recording. VXG offers white label web and mobile front-ends, and SDKs for fast integration with existing or new services.

What makes VXG different is its AI management – connecting any camera through the platform to any AI. VXG pre-processes video for AI and whether this is extracting images or short clips, VXG does it at any scale. Then VXG interfaces data with industry-leading video AI solutions from companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and Intel, and provides a wide variety of AI use cases from people counting and scene recognition, to facial analysis and face recognition. Analysis of images provides actionable information critical to business people and decision makers, some examples include:

Traditional Video Analytics

People Counting – How many people are occupying a pre-defined space?

People/Object Detection – Has a person or object been identified?

Car Counting – How many cars are visible in a pre-defined area?

Occupancy Rate – How much space is occupied? Are we abiding by government laws and restrictions for occupancy limits/control?

Facial Recognition – Has a face been identified or verified from an image or video frame?

Facial Analysis – What features and expressions have been identified on a human face? (age, gender, emotions, etc.)

Video Surveillance Use Cases & Analytics

Retail – Are there enough staff to accommodate customer demand in a given space? What is the optimal employee-to-customer ratio? When are our peak times?

Parking – How many parking spaces are available? Tied in with auditing, ticketing and POS data/systems.

Real Estate – How many people are in the lobby, or elevator at a specific time?

Restaurants & Hospitality – Are there any tables available? Am I abiding by the mandated occupancy restrictions for my restaurant?

Transportation – Is each bus, subway car, train adhering to occupancy restrictions? Are riders distanced properly?

Smart City – Is the park, building, hospital, etc. at its capacity? How many people are in a given area? Does anyone have a harmful object on them?

Industry Specific – How many dogs/wildlife are there in the park at a specified time? How many vehicles are on the road right now? Is my supply chain or factory solutions optimized?

Yaro Lisitsyn, Co-Founder & CEO, believes the company is applying deep learning in a game-changing way for business operations and business intelligence, directly applicable to an abundance of industries and use cases. Yaro says, “We are taking any manufactured camera, and any camera type, and connecting these to the most reputable, leading AI engines. Leveraging these asoperational tools to provide real-time, actionable data that is meaningful to key business decision makers.”

VXG’s solutions are available globally, working with video surveillance companies, camera manufacturers, retailers, retail analytics companies, and video AI companies helping make AI solutions highly scalable and more affordable.


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