Without any doubt, it’s a dictionary app; the name itself defines its purpose. If it’s just a dictionary app, why has it gauged 1 Million Downloads in a short period?

If you are active on social media, then you might have observed two things for sure. Firstly, people share their name’s meaning in their stories. Secondly, many memes criticizing the same application.

Either way, the app has gained a lot of popularity. The point here is to make you aware of the fact that one unique idea of yours can attract a lot of attention.

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Let’s talk about ‘Urban Dictionary App’

Basically, the app searches for the meaning of slang words. People submit these definitions via e-mail addresses. Please don’t rely on these definitions as they are defined mainly by one’s experience.

If you find these definitions funny, the app allows you to share them on your social media accounts. Also, the app offers unique games and word of the day to stay connected with the users.

These features allow the users never to forget the app in the long run. Hence, the number of downloads keeps adding up.

You might hate this app or love it; it has perfectly hit the mark by making itself popular. The point here is, if you have an idea about a similar application or a unique one and you feel a bit reluctant about it, then it’s time to give it a try.

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