PureSmile Has Developed a More Cost-Effective Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Experience to Become Australia’s Go-To Source for Whitening

Finding lasting and effective teeth whitening can be challenging. Some do not last very long or are very expensive, and overall are not worth the high out-of-pocket expense. However, for most people, a white, bright smile is a critical component of self-confidence and can have a sizeable impact on self-esteem. One Australia-based company is on a purpose-driven mission to help instill confidence and pride in others through effective and affordable teeth whitening solutions.

PureSmile has developed exclusive peroxide-free and hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening treatments that have rapidly become the new standard in cosmetic dentistry across Australia. Using their proprietary formula made in the USA, PureSmile’s teeth whitening treatments are vegan, kosher, cruelty-free, and mineral-based to deliver lasting results whiteout damaging the teeth or gums. PureSmile has created both on-site and at-home whitening treatments that leverage the power of dental-grade solutions at an affordable price.

On-site treatments are carried out by dental professionals at any of the PureSmile locations across Australia. These treatments use LED state-of-the-art technology trusted by dentists from all over the world to provide the best possible results possible, leading to a brighter, whiter smile. Due to the fact that a smile is the first greeting given before even a word is spoken, PureSmile’s goal is to ensure that each and every client achieves the smile of their dreams, and empowers them to take on the world with confidence and a smile.

These treatments work quickly and effectively to help clients from all walks of life take on everyday activities with a renewed sense of pride. From going on a date, going to a party, going to work for a big presentation, or anything in between; PureSmile will help straighten smiles using their exclusive aligners or brighten pearly whites using any of their one-of-a-kind whitening treatments.

PureSmile has over 100 locations across Australia and has quickly become the go-to solution for Australians seeking a boost of confidence with long-lasting results. To learn more about Pure Smile and upcoming products please visit: https://www.PureSmile.com.au/pricing 


About PureSmile

PureSmile is a team of teeth whitening specialists who have developed highly effective Peroxide-FREE and Hydrogen Peroxide teeth whitening treatments. Pure Smile seeks to help bring out the best in every smile that visits their locations across Australia. PureSmile uses dental-grade state-of-the-art LED teeth whitening technology trusted by dentists across the world to deliver top results while protecting teeth and gums. Whitening gels are made fresh in the USA using vegan, kosher, cruelty-free, mineral-based ingredients. PureSmile works with every customer to achieve their perfect smile using on-site treatments, home product treatments, or aligners that yield lasting results.