Michelle Rene’ Hammer launched her new book “Boundaries for Breakthrough- Live as God Designed: 8 Essential Keys to Emotional Well-Being”, and it Became a Best Seller.

In the dark, foreboding woods one, crisp, fall evening, my short life of a mere twelve, years forever changed. How I wish I’d known BOUNDARIES! How many times had I asked myself why I couldn’t stop him that night, why I acted like I didn’t care, why I froze, why “You’re hurting me!” wasn’t enough, why GOD allowed me to be used and abused?

Truthfully, I could not accept the experience nor my inability to make it different. I blamed myself. I lost all hope. Scarred for life. Damaged beyond repair. I became depressed, tossed to and FRO by others whims. A shell of my former self, so lost, so despondent. Then, I discovered boundaries as I heard the voice of GOD saying, “You must choose!” You must be kidding. I didn’t choose that. Furthermore, I didn’t know or hadn’t heard of a boundary until then. Nope. I had not. The permission to choose was one of many boundaries I would come to learn. Free will was the start.

I wish I could say the time between my assault and my discovery of choice was of short duration. That would be a lie. I spent almost a decade unraveling until I ended up in the psychiatric ward of a local hospital. I died a thousand deaths until I heard GOD speak. I spoke of this evil to no one. And this secret, it ate me alive, bit by bit, from the inside out, until I no longer knew who I was anymore. I no longer knew fantasy from reality. How could I go on?

In a recent interview on the Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show, Michelle said, “I learned through my own adversity, and the adversity of thousands of other people that I’ve counseled and now coach, certain themes that I’ve noticed that not only lined up with what I learned clinically and in college and in my masters program and additional training I took, but biblically, and I combined that stuff, and that’s the message I’m shouting from the mountain tops. I want to help people get unstuck and get out of all of the things that just weigh them down.”

The host, Steve Kidd said, “The journey that Michelle takes the reader on is a rollercoaster of emotions, finished with sunshine in that you learn just how you can set your boundaries and protect your own well-being. What a wonderful gift! I urge you to get a copy of her book on Amazon, today!”

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Michelle Rene’ Hammer, MS, LCPC, is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Board Certified Clinical Supervisor, Certified Pastoral Counselor, BREAKTHROUGH Coach, Author & Motivational Speaker. During her time in college, Michelle was nominated and joined several honor societies including Psy-Chi, the National Honor Society for Psychology students and Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society while completing a 2 year internship at Lighthouse Youth and Family Services graduating Magna Cum Laude.

Michelle then founded a mental health outreach program in Baltimore City for adults with chronic mental health concerns including an Intensive Outpatient After Care Drop In Center. Subsequently, she established a number of community based mental health case management/psychiatric rehabilitation programs from the ground floor up for children, adolescents, transitional age youth, and adults in Anne Arundel County serving the Baltimore Metropolitan Area while simultaneously ensuring continued expansion of her clinical skills in a variety of outpatient counseling settings including Sheppard Pratt.

Subsequently, Michelle founded her own group private practice, Turning Leaf Counseling & Consultation, LLC. Turning Leaf’s mission is to help every person who walks through the door unlock and realize their fullest potential by “nurturing the balance of mind, body and spirit”. Services include Pastoral & Substance Abuse Counseling, Psychotherapy for Children, Adults, Couples, Families & Groups, Clinical Supervision, Peer & Business Consultation, Critical Incident Debriefings, Speaking Engagements and Trainings.

During COVID, Michelle added Crowned Courageous Coaching to her list of programs. Her mission is simply this: to come alongside struggling, Christian women STUCK in hurtful, even toxic, relationship patterns (with anyone) BREAKTHROUGH to healthier, happier connections FREEING them for abundant, JOY-FILLED lives. Her vision is to help them find what she calls their “God-Why” -The purpose for their pain.

In addition to being an Amazon International #1 Best Selling Author, Michelle is a contributing author for a number of local and national publications including Insider & Up-Journey, a regular contributor to The Daily, a devotional for Downtown Hope, and she’s authored her own blog. A sought out motivational speaker, Michelle’s message is one of hope for the hurting, delivered with wit, humor., and grace.

Currently the CEO of her organizations, Michelle lives in Annapolis, Maryland with her husband Dave, has two grown daughters and several grands whom she adores. In her spare time, Michelle enjoys music, writing, traveling, spending time with family and friends, dancing, and working out so she can keep eating Chef Hubby’s amazing food. She also loves walking her dogs, boating, hiking or beaching it. You can often find her outdoors anywhere near, or better yet, on the water. Most of all she loves God who is her everything.