The series continues with massive sea battles, seductive love scenes, and tearful laughter in the next chapter of these brave southern patriot heroes.  The sinfully handsome Devon Cutter is the only son of the most notorious of all pirates, Blackheart. The very reputation of Devon’s name Cutthroat Cutter spells bone-shaking fear in Atlantic sailors. He loves and thrives in his world of piracy same as his father.


In a moment of weakness, Cutthroat saves a damsel in distress after an overwhelming and decisive sea battle. Louanne McKay is now a festering thorn in his side the moment she stepped foot onto The Star Dancer. No one has ever defeated her with a sword, not even one of her five brothers. Losing for the first time was a painful pill to swallow, even though it convinced Cutter she was not leaving his company abruptly like first thought.


The Savannah Bell blatantly clashes swords with the arrogant rogue when he unwisely orders the mouthy female thrown off his ship while out at sea.


Read the book to get to know more about the swash-buckling and gripping conclusion in this absolute page-turner. A worthy addition to your library.


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Forbidden Desire: Brethren Novel

KarenJean Noack

Publisher: Your Online Publicist

Publication Date: October 2021

Genre: Historical Romance

Target Audience: Females


About the Author

In the Central Valley of California is a small town called Ripon. It had 2,648 inhabitants when KarenJean Noack was in High School. The joke was, if you blinked, you missed it. One of her treasured memories, was sitting on a riverbank cat fishing with her father. He was born in Round Rock, Texas. She simply adored him. She was named KarenJean and told her to embrace her southern roots. Some people have said she has a twang in her voice. She no longer fights the impulse. Been told, she might be born a Northerner but has the heart and name of a southern bell.

Southern history has always been her passion. With a military background, pirates are a natural fascination. She found a wealth of information of these pirates in the Naval History. She has been a proud military wife even when it wasn’t cool. She served as an Ombudsman and a Mars Station Operator. She started with Vietnam and concluded with Desert Storm. She now lives in Bremerton, Washington due to the Navy.