Founded in 2006, TrueNorth Wealth of Utah and Idaho is quickly becoming a nationally recognized name in the financial services industry.  Following another year of extraordinary growth, TrueNorth now manages well over $810 million and is positioned to further strengthen its impact and leadership in the communities it serves.  

What Does TrueNorth Wealth Do?

A leading provider of various wealth management services, TrueNorth has worked extensively with corporations, small businesses, estates, trusts, pensioners, institutions, and Utah’s 529 College Savings Plan.  But the firm’s principal focus is serving a clientele of mostly high-profile and high-net-worth individuals—including doctors, executives, and business owners—seeking comprehensive financial planning that is academically sound and commission-free.  TrueNorth excels in tailoring services and solutions to the particularized needs of individual clients, helping them intelligently navigate risk, ethically reduce tax liability, and strategically plan for an ever-changing future.  The firm assists clients with everything from complex estate planning to detailed insurance reviews.  TrueNorth also reviews and opines on employment agreements, real estate contracts, new purchase or refinance deals, and almost anything else finance-related on which clients require expert guidance and input. 

Who Leads the Firm?

Joe Griffin, TrueNorth’s CEO, credits the company’s sustained success to a group of talented and dedicated team members.  “One of my main jobs,” Griffin said recently, “is simply to help build strong systems and processes—to give our people the framework and resources they need to realize their own potential and maximize personal contributions.”  He added: “When you hire the right people and you show them a system in which they can leverage their unique gifts, we think that’s a recipe for success.”  

The recipe has been working.  According to Griffin, who devotes time each week to mentoring individual team members, maintaining a healthy work environment has been fundamental to TrueNorth’s ability to consistently deliver exceptional service and keep clients happy.  Griffin explained: “So much of what we talk about is—in one way or another—geared towards developing a vision and mindset of unmatched service.”  That more than anything else, Griffin believes, has propelled TrueNorth’s growth. 

What’s Next for TrueNorth? 

Griffin is candid about both the opportunities and challenges now facing TrueNorth.  “The financial planning industry is beyond saturated,” he noted.  “There’s no hope for growing your business or retaining an intelligent base of clients if you can’t stay several steps ahead.  That’s why we don’t just give clients answers on the one or two things they call about.  We guide them through the 5-10 other blind spots they didn’t even know they had.”

That approach sometimes surprises clients who, in working with other firms, have previously found it difficult to obtain clear answers to questions they raised themselves.  “We’re proud to offer that type of service,” Griffin said.  “Our clients are often paying nearly 50 cents in tax on their last dollar earned.  At that marginal rate, every meaningful adjustment we make on tax strategy can provide tremendous benefit.  You couple that with our no-commission structure, and it’s easy for intelligent investors to understand and appreciate how and where we’re adding value.”   

Learn More

Joe Griffin recently shared aspects of his personal journey (as well as some practical financial tips) in an interview with Adam Torres on the Mission Matters Money Podcast.  TrueNorth also publishes its own podcast: True North Wealth Radio, which can be found on most podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts.  To learn more about Joe Griffin and TrueNorth Wealth, visit the company’s website.