It may seem a little awkward to many who love to ride in their cars to work. However, if the COVID situation has taught a few valuable lessons then we may not dare to overlook the hazards of the sedentary lifestyle. Also, it is the best time to start thinking about alternative means of transport as the gas prices are reaching a new height. So whether you have read a few good things about the Birdy R20 11SP bike or not, it might be the right time to check out the best options and models as a healthier alternative means to work. If this doesn’t convince you, here are a few other reasons to support the petition:

1.Social Distancing: A car, cab, subway, train, or bus may not give your ample space to maintain the required social distancing. However, a bike may offer a better alternative to it. Whether it’s morning time to evening, everyone wants to reach home at god’s speed. Social distancing may not be the first thing on their mind, a bike sounds like a healthier and safer option under circumstances. It ensures enough space and distance that gives you a safe breathing room as your reach office or home.

2.Boost Your Immunity: The COVID situation reflected our immunity levels well in its wake. We all know where we stand in terms of disease resisting capacity. Regular biking may be a good option when you need to find some new levels of immunity. A recent study found that senior citizens that cycled to their work in their 20s had better immunity as compared to those who didn’t. So when you decide to cycle to your college, high school or place of work, it just wouldn’t serve for the coming months or years but for years to come.

3.Mental Health: There is hardly anyone who is not depressed by the monotony and pressures of work. It is a proven fact that regular exercise releases anti-depressing hormones that keep away the ill effects of work stress and pressures. If your work doesn’t leave you enough time to visit a gym or yoga class, biking may a good option to keep up your spirits.

4.Some Sunshine: Yes, we have all progressed and we all work online through our computers. And yes the digital revolution has melted the borders from all over the world. However, it has erected some solid walls around us as well, to work on a computer you need to sit in one place. You cannot move out or work while moving or walking. Biking to work may give you the required time you need to get your share of sunshine. It may help you get your daily dose of vitamin D and some extra health benefits that even gyms might not be offering on a plate for now.

5.Tread Easy Through Traffic: All those who commute regularly through cars and other public means of transports are well aware of the long traffic jams that really get in the way. A bike is the easiest solution to get out of the stuck up situation and reach wherever you want on time.

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