Green warehouses – the face of the future?

The idea of having green warehouses might be a reality soon. This eco-friendly real estate offers a range of benefits and while many are waiting for the advanced solution to be ready for the market, we might just not be there yet. Currently, the greatest concern is to ensure that these structures are sustainable and therefore there would have to be some kind of sign-off by an authorized agency to take place to ensure that such premises would be safe to use. 

How do these green buildings fit into the framework of one of the global leaders when it comes to data centre infrastructure management, namely the team of Bell Integration? The simple answer to that is that the development of these green properties is driven by the desire to transform warehouses and specifically data centres into these environmentally-friendly solutions. 

“It is currently still an idea that is predominant in the Indian market. While this is a country where governments were not particularly bothered in the past whether warehouse spaces were green or not, the notion is changing. Yet, when these ideas take off in India, we are bound to see some major interest locally in these structures too. Here we have many structures such as data centres that are far greener than in India perhaps, but there is a difference. The structures we have here that fall into the category of being green are buildings that require far fewer resources and have a smaller impact on nature. The new trend is to get businesses that add to the environment. These are properties that have plants and greenery included in the architecture,” says Dave Leyland, the director of solutions at the brand’s CTO Office.

Data centres are only one of the many different kinds of infrastructure that can benefit from these greener systems and can also contribute to nature and give the companies involved in these systems a way to improve their brand identity by adding the term environmentally-friendly to it. The current generation is far more aware of the impact we have on nature and relying on such a structure at your data centre might just be the way to set yourself apart from the rest.

“How long it will take to get such a solution operational and how effective will it be? We don’t know yet. What we do know is that the industry is ready to grasp any opportunity that delivers on green points. These are solutions that don’t only benefit the current generation, but also many more to come,” Leyland concludes. 

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