New York, USA – Gong Cha will open a store in Pennsylvania located at 1122 Washington Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19147 serving customers in the South Philadelphia area.


Gong cha is thrilled to open a location in Pennsylvania. Located inside Wing Phat Plaza, the store will offer over 50 different menu items including our Milk Foam series and Dirty Brown Sugar Milk Tea.


“The store is set to serve some of the finest bubble tea combos Gong cha is known for like our Milk Foam Green Tea and Lemon Ai-Yu with White Pearls. There is also the option for hot drinks like the hot Pearl Milk Tea.” According to Anchal Lamba, President Gong cha


Like all Gong cha stores, the new Pennsylvania location will allow customers to customize their order by selecting the sugar and ice level of their drink.


This location is set to open by the end of this year, stay tuned!


What to look out for in the new store


The new store is designed with the latest fashionable structure both inside and out. The beautiful sight of the exterior coupled with the charmingly designed Gong Cha banner at the forefront of the store makes up for a store many people describe as “simply Gorgeous”


Hang out joint


The classy interior is intelligently sectioned into a variety of spots including a joint where customers can place their order, a section with fashionable seats where customers can sip their ordered drinks, and more.


Charging stations


The tech-conscious interior has several charging ports where customers can safely charge their devices while sipping their favorite drinks.


New bubble tea blends


The store is set to serve some of the finest bubble tea combos you’ve always known while introducing new blends of irresistible beverages. The Little Star Jelly Series, Chocolate Lava Series, milk tea series, etc, stacked with your favorite toppings and flavors are some of the yummy blends of bubble tea the store promises to offer. The store will also feature the newly returned oatmeal series. You can try them with your choice of flavor and toppings.


Customization options


Like all Gong Cha stores, this Pennsylvania store also allows customers to customize their order by selecting the sugar and ice level of their drinks. Or blend their favorite combo in a selected amount and quantify.


“This store promises to satisfy your craving for bubble tea. And there are different blend of bubble tea, topping, or flavor you may want to request for. Not only is bubble tea a favorite among the Pennsylvania community, but it is also a staple and a trend.” The president concluded.


Remember that the store is already open and serving tea lovers like you. You deserve a boba tea that is refreshed every four hours.


Also, the oatmeal series has returned to every Gong Cha store. Other stores will be launched this coming November in selected locations.


One of them is located at 281 Huntington Ave., Boston, MA 02115.


The opening date in November will be announced soon. Just keep an eye on the Gong Cha PR release for more info.


Please Contact:


Anchal Lamba

Gong Cha Tea, LLC
425 N. Broadway #287
Jericho NY 11753