Mister Rooster feature lovable characters…Mister Rooster, Henrietta the Wise Ole’ Owl, Waddles the Laid Back Ducky, and Benny the Bashful Bunny. Children will be engaged for hours with these charming characters and the life lessons they will learn. Titles include “Pet Care”, “Discovering Your Hidden Talents”, “Pals”, “Sharing”, and many more. The website site features music, games, videos, greeting cards, recipes, as well as the E Books. www.misterrooster.com

Mister Rooster and Pals! E Books are available at Amazon online. Author Donna Cardellino here: http://www.amazon.com/Donna-Cardellino/e/B00DMKZ1IQ

“We want families to build good memories and experience fun ways of learning with music, arts, and dance lead by Mister Rooster and his Pals,” stated Donna Cardellino, creator of the Mister Rooster concept and brand.

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