The mapping platform and app makes finding wildlife easy with its database of wildlife sightings searchable by species.

A new website is making spotting wildlife easier with its searchable database of wildlife sightings. Earthdeck is a new web-based platform at, that easily allows users to plug in a species of animals they hope to see and returns map results showing where those animals have been sighted. The goal is to make seeing the animals of the world easier by giving those looking to view wildlife a simple tool they can use on the go when planning their travel.

Jay Van Buiten is the creator of Earthdeck. While on a trip to Wyoming, Van Buiten was eager to see local wildlife. However, he quickly discovered that there was no easy way for him to find out online which spots would be best for him to view certain species of animals. Instead of letting his disappointment get the best of him, Van Buiten got to work creating so that no other outdoor enthusiasts and tourists would run into the same challenges.

Earthdeck helps users find wildlife hotspots by pinpointing the exact locations of sightings. Users simply type in the name of the species they are hoping to encounter, and the database returns a map that clearly pinpoints past sighting locations. The sightings maps are built using over 50 million known animal sightings of hundreds of animal species across the globe.

Earthdeck is completely free to use. It can be used to look up nearly any wildlife species, including mammals, birds, and plant life.

“When visiting Wyoming last year, I searched for a website that would show me the best places to spot wildlife. Unfortunately, there was no good solution,” said Van Buiten. “With this in mind, I built, which maps over 50 Million known animal sightings to help you find whatever species you want to experience in the wild. It’s the easiest way to find wildlife across the globe and enjoy a new appreciation for nature.”

To learn more, visit The mobile app is also available for iOS in the App Store.


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About Earthdeck

Earthdeck is a web platform that displays maps of observations to help users find the best places to discover wildlife.