Crispy sound with the raw and soulful touch a new R&B song ‘GOIN THRU IT’ by Jaya Lesedi is a nice production from this new Georgia female RnB singer.

Atlanta, Georgia Nov 11, 2021 (  – Soulful R&B music is the most expressive, soft embrace, and melodic composition from all other music genres. Therefore, the highly motivated with love, passion, fun, and faithful Jaya Lesedi has composed a calm music production for R&B music lovers. Therefore, the song ‘GOIN THRU IT’ from this Georgia female RnB singer is an ecstatic music production. Through this song, the artist wants to convey to be connected with love for total humankind. Hence, it is the way the world can discard the sufferings. Moreover, the artist is also emphasizing not giving up on love and the unity to achieve the ultimate happiness in life.

At the beginning of ‘GOIN THRU IT’, the artist has made a single vocal with a nice piano-led progression. However, after some time the song catch a nice beat pattern along with the soulful vocal and musical arrangement. Within this song, the artist has used a double voice harmonic in intermittent places throughout this song. Moreover, due to her nice production house JayaLesedi, she is able to produce a piece of euphonious music for the listeners. Jaya Lesedi is inspired to write songs such R&B songs from some marvelous artists who are H.E.R, Chris Brown, and Alicia Keys. The song invites some raw and soulful progression throughout the song and the artist holds that emotion from the start to end.

The music from this artist is all about inspiring and encouraging the people through her immense sense of love for the people. Therefore, you can feel the same soulful touch to her other songs such as ‘IN YOUR OWN VOICE’, ‘WHEN YOU’RE MINE’ and ‘YOUR HEARTBEAT’. You can find this artist on Soundcloud, Spotify, and his YouTube channel. This artist will drop a single on 2nd December and to know further updates one can visit on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and her official website.

Check out to listen this song ‘GOIN THRU IT’ by Jaya Lesedi :

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