DeskFlex, a mission-critical office hoteling and scheduling software system for companies across industries, releases its full range of room booking software features for efficient desk hoteling and office space management, including MS Exchange and MS Outlook integration.

DeskFlex hoteling software system makes business more flexible and efficient, workplaces, conference rooms, desks, parking spots and entirely configurable equipment. Its full-range room booking software features can readily integrate with MS Exchange and MS Outlook, allowing you to access all of your bookings in one location. The software also works with Outlook calendaring, making scheduling and reservations a breeze. Scheduling and reserving space and equipment are made easier with DeskFlex integration. With a single click of your mouse, you can create, edit, view, and cancel reservations right from Outlook.

Management reports provide precise occupancy measurements in the aggregate or by kind of workstation, allowing the total number or mix of desks to be adjusted to suit client demand and save additional real estate expenditure in the months ahead. With DeskFlex, you may create invoices and settlements. These are printable and allow grouping for different types of clients.

Users can utilize the check-in and check-out tool to ensure that the reservation is still active. Green shows available workspaces, red indicates that the area is reserved, the optional blue color indicates that the desk is a permanent workplace for someone. Yellow means that the space will be available in 30 minutes. For on-demand workstations, the FlexCube is an agile and straightforward option. Workstation availability is displayed in real-time using FlexCube. The feature assists with the shift from typical offices to hybrid hoteling operations.

The DeskFlex hoteling app allows mobile employees to create reservations and receive updates while on the go. Check-in and check-out take less than eight (8) seconds each. It simply takes a few seconds longer to make a reservation. The front desk personnel may quickly verify the guest’s check-in and check-out information from the main dashboard. The staff may also look up information on guests by name, invoice number, or room type.

About DeskFlex

DeskFlex room booking software provides software solutions to the needs of schools, financial institutions, healthcare providers, businesses, and government agencies. DeskFlex lets employees reserve space in advance or claim desks right away. It adjusts the telephone switch (PBX), so calls ring at the “desk du jour.” DeskFlex includes check-in, point-and-click floor maps, a web browser, a local kiosk, Outlook integration, and conference room scheduling.

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