Although that may sound quite a way down the road, people are already embracing electric cars with electric and hybrid vehicles accounting for 7.2% of car sales so far in 2021 and it is estimated that there will be a market of 9,000,000 units leading up to 2030.

These conditions and the UK ban are agreed by all the political parties so any change in government will not affect the 2030 ban. As part of the ‘Green’ policies, the petrol and diesel ban is a major element that will affect everyone. This is especially good news for Linkcharging.

A spokesman for Linkcharging said, “This is one of the few times where it is possible to predict the future for an industry. Most of the manufacturers are already offering electric models of their current ranges and some are launching new ‘electric only’ models. All of these units will need chargers and Linkcharging will be at the front, supplying units for the whole market – residential, commercial and industrial. Our research and development continues to keep us at the forefront of charging technology. ”