Magic Class LLC today announced Magic Class Academy, a new online curriculum for homeschool students. Magic Class Academy is an online course that teaches homeschool students ages 10+ how to perform magic tricks and grow in confidence and creativity.

“Magic Class Academy is a groundbreaking service in the homeschool community because parents are always looking for wholesome, engaging additions to their curriculum. Performing magic tricks has been proven to increase dexterity skills, drive greater confidence, and increase critical thinking skills,” says Kevin Warren, Founder at Magic Class LLC.

“Learning and performing magic tricks launched me into my career as a professional magician but more importantly played a large part in me overcoming social anxiety at a young age.”

Features and benefits include:

– Development of inner confidence through new, unique skills

– Enhanced dexterity and ability to follow instructions

– Learned magic tricks that students are excited to perform

Magic Class Academy will be available starting today at $129. For more information on Magic Class Academy visit

Kevin Warren

Magic Class Academy


Kevin Warren




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