Allied Pixel has produced over one million Personalized Videos since pioneering the concept three years ago.

Demand for Personalized Video has surged as colleges and universities across the country discover its effectiveness in driving enrollment and courting donors. Now other industries are seeing the value of using known data about customers and prospects to generate video content that’s uniquely relevant to each one of them.

To keep up with demand, Allied Pixel built a large scale render farm at its data center in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. It also greatly expanded its team, which now includes cloud engineers and data specialists as well as additional video producers, directors, writers and editors.

While Personalized Video is Allied Pixel’s flagship product, the firm remains very active in traditional video production and live webcasting for a broad range of clients.

About Allied Pixel:

Allied Pixel is a digital studio that helps organizations engage their target audiences through personalized video, award-winning video production and live webcasting. For more information, visit

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