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About the Author:
George Georgiou studied fine arts, and has published two books in Greece: the novel Eternal Matter ((c) Armos, 2009); and the poetry Final Adam (self-published in Athens, 2002). He has also published poems (including a series of Haiku), many essays and short stories, the play Oedipus (2014), and the novel The Year of the Rat (2014) via his blog since 2009. He was a student and teacher of eastern and western martial arts for fifteen years. For three years, (2012 – 2015), he was deeply involved with the ’Natural Method’ of the Japanese philosopher and cultivator Masanobu Fukuoka and the principles of Permaculture, created by Bill Mollinson and David Holmgren. Accordingly, he created a small paradise in the foothills of the Vrontous mountain range and lived there in a caravan as a natural human being. His experiences of the mountain and nature, as well as the eternal evolutionary cycle of life and death, inspired The Revelation of Katsushika Hokusai the Artist.