Based in Lawrence, Kansas, The Anchor Church is committed to following Jesus and living out its faith by being open-armed. Their mission is simple; to love God, love people, and make disciples.

The Anchor Church is all about new beginnings, a new church, and a fresh start for the future. It’s the place where you’ll find peace in your soul but also a joy to your heart. 

Based in Lawrence, Kansas, The Anchor Church was founded in January 2018 by Pastors Alex and Brooke to share God’s love with everyone. They love relationships and love to do life with people.

As a Church in Lawrence, KS, The Anchor Church wants to see you grow in faith alongside them with their church community. They want to help guide you during good times and provide a shoulder for you to lean on during bad times. No matter what, The Anchor church community will be there to have your back through thick and thin.

They believe in letting God show his presence through them in ways people haven’t seen before. They want nothing more than to find peace of mind with all the challenges that life can bring. All that, through the word of God.

The Anchor Church community will become your home. For them, acceptance of others is the key to love. It’s all about letting each other know you care for one another through tough times, just like Jesus did when he was on Earth.

If you want additional community support and assistance, the church has a variety of social groups for you to participate in. Some of them are women’s groups, men’s, and growth tracks.

As a love-giving family church in Lawrence, KS, The Anchor Church also focuses on young people. The church community has a young adults group and even a student ministry for teens. They want to provide the best church around to help any age group grow in faith.

The Anchor Youth ministry is headed by Dalton Hoffman, the Anchor Youth Pastor. Pastor Dalton earned his bachelor’s degree in meteorology from the University of Kansas. He also served as a student leader and president at his campus ministry.

If you are looking for churches in Lawrence, KS, The Anchor Church is the place for you to go. Visit them today.

About The Anchor Church

Anchor is an Assemblies of God US Christian Church that was established 3 years ago in Lawrence, Kansas