The founder of Gen IT and the initiator of STEM is FEM Sergey Tokarev invites Ukrainian schoolgirls to apply for participation in the fourteenth educational module.

According to Tokarev, it will be the second time the project to introduce schoolgirls to IT. The module topic was chosen due to both the significant development of the IT market and the high demand for the industry among Ukrainian schoolgirls.

Of course, the information won’t be the same. Each time, we share different aspects of the IT industry. Previously, we focused on general literacy, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. This time, we will focus on e-learning and SQL, a structured query language, says the founder of Gen IT and STEM is FEM Sergey Tokarev.

As part of the program, the girls will meet industry experts and motivational speakers—well-known successful women.

Any high school student in Ukraine can take part in the competition. Participating in the module is free. One can find the competition task on the official website of STEM is FEM. An application for the competition can be sent up until November 5.

Due to the quarantine restrictions in Ukraine, the module will be held online.

STEM is FEM is a charitable educational project that promotes STEM specialties (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) among Ukrainian girls, as well as combats gender imbalance in the technical field in Ukraine.