Key Differences in Digital Marketing Strategies For Big vs Small Business.

The U.S Small Business Administration considers a business with 500 or fewer employees or less than $7 million in total annual receipts a small business. This leaves a large range of both small and large businesses. The label of “small” or “big” business can be influenced by numerous factors including number of employees, financing, revenue, target audience, and product stock. Understanding these aspects of your business is important in determining whether it is small or big, and therefore will influence the digital marketing strategies used to grow your company.

Big businesses, for example, may want to appeal to an extremely wide range of people, even internationally. A particularly small business may want to instead target locals in their area. The advertisements, web design, and SEO content of your digital marketing must consider these factors and utilize them in a way that optimizes your company’s ability to reach your target audience and demographic. Differences like this are the reason there is a distinction between SEO and Local SEO. Small businesses may want to implement Local SEO in their web content and advertising in order to increase their exposure in a very specific area. This can be accomplished using local directories, research of web traffic in the desired area, and staying up-to-date against competitors surrounding the area. A larger business will instead want to implement language into their web content that ranks them high on search engines across a wider region or across the country. Understanding the size of your audience is key in creating targeted web content and ensuring that your website and other digital marketing mediums become visible to the desired demographic.

Another significant difference between big and small businesses that should be reflected in your advertising is the branding. Small businesses often want to convey a level of charm and uniqueness surrounding their brand. They want their customers to feel familiarity and comfort, and have a more personable experience with the company. Big businesses, on the other hand, strive to portray reliability, success, and capability. While all of these factors are important to show for many types of businesses, the focus is going to be different. A big business may value efficiency over creating a personable experience for the customer. Making your company’s values clear through your branding is going to determine what customers expect from your business as well as what type of business they’re going to choose.

Before beginning your digital marketing journey, be sure to understand the size and capabilities of your business, the range of people you want to reach, and the image you want to convey. Understanding whether your business is small or large will greatly influence your advertising and web development strategies and will make the difference between mediocre marketing and successful marketing that appeals to your audience, accurately represents your company, and facilitates growth.

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