Aussie BOSS’ service provides Financial Planners with SMSF accounting outsourcing deal to remove the worry of losing clients while also increasing annual profits

Whilst we’re all aware that a client is never 100% guaranteed to be a client forever, financial planners are especially concerned when handing over their client’s details to an accounting firm to have the SMSF account setup, as it could mean they are saying goodbye to a new client they spent time and money on bringing on board. It’s catch-22 when the SMSF fund must be attended to by a qualified accountant as financial planners not only run the risk of losing them, but also hand over lots of money they could be making for themselves on the SMSF account setup. Well finally, things are about to get a lot more exciting.

This newest offer means financial planners can work with an SMSF accounting outsourcing team by passing on their clients’ details to BOSS who won’t ever contact the clients directly. This alleviates any concerns over losing clients and the service is as discreet as it is safe. Financial planners are offered a white label service where they can attach their own logo to all correspondence enabling them to choose how they pass it on to their clients. The service also entails every imaginable task involved with Self Managed Super Funds so financial planners can offer their own clients a complete service where everything is done for them.

A brief overview of what the offer includes:

SMSF account setup, record keeping, preparing and lodging tax returns, drafting letters to the super fund owners (on behalf of financial planners, using their logo), work paper preparation, accounting reports for SMSF’s to be audited (BOSS offers an audit partner if desired), plus all other necessary tasks.

The smooth process means financial planners only two remaining tasks for them to carry out are taking care of the relationship between themselves and their clients and passing on their clients’ details for BOSS to look after the rest.

“We couldn’t make the service any more simpler if we tried,” says Lee Court, sales and marketing manager for BOSS. “We’re finding financial planners like the choice of either giving their clients a reduced fee SMSF account setup as a benefit for choosing their financial planning services, or adding their own margin on top of the wholesale prices they receive through BOSS. While some of them offer clients a discounted setup, others charge the account setup at retail costs which gives them the chance to add quite a few dollars to their own bottom line. We’ve found some like to make a combination of both. It doesn’t matter what they decide as it’s all discreetly taken care of with the white label option. I’m really happy with our new service, it’s a no-brainer for financial planners and they’re arriving at the same realisation after taking up the SMSF accounting outsourcing offer.”

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BOSS (Back Office Shared Services Pty Ltd) was founded in 2004 to provide skilled accountants and bookkeepers on a full-time, part-time and casual basis to commercial enterprises, accounting and financial services firms in Australia.

BOSS India is a subsidiary of BOSS Australia and runs just like an ultra-modern paperless Australian public practice because the Director and Accountancy Practice Principal, Peter Vickers, has been operating his own successful Australian public practice for over twenty years.