Dr. James Nearing, an Associate Professor Emeritus at the University of Miami understands that knowing the right answer does not always imply comprehension. He wrote “Mathematical Tools for Physics” to teach physics students and undergraduates how to handle problems in an educated and intuitive manner in order to help them establish a firm foundation in important mathematical techniques.
Before diving into infinite series, complex algebra, differential equations, and Fourier series in-depth, the author reviews basic mathematics. The next chapters cover vector spaces, operators, and matrices. Multivariable and vector calculus, partial differential equations, numerical and complex analysis, and tensors are among the topics that Nearing also discusses.

The book goes on to discuss complex variables, Fourier analysis, the calculus of variations, and densities and distributions. The book is an excellent resource for physics students who are working on a project. It’s an excellent math resource material.
The book was well-received and garnered a 4.5-star rating on Amazon.
“I bought this book after downloading part of the online version, the part dealing with Tensors. I found Nearing’s description the best I have seen. Finally, I have a ’feel’ for what tensors are. I have a Masters in Physics from years back and some things were a bit fuzzy. I have found Nearing’s other sections equally descriptive. Any book which can impart understanding is a jewel and this is one I enjoy reading.”  – Dennis E. Knowles.
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Mathematical Tools for Physics
Author: James Nearing
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: August 2021
Book Genre: Science & Math › Physics
About the Author:

James Nearing is Associate Professor of Theoretical Physics and Assistant Chair of his department at the University of Miami.