As the real estate sector in India slowly began resurrecting itself from the heavy blow of the pandemic, many realtor startups have now emerged to ease the transition. Joining their ranks is, the flagship brand of VSNAP Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd ( previously known as VSNAP Advisory Services Pvt Ltd).

The property portal has already made its mark known across its native Bangalore and other south Indian metros like Hyderabad and Chennai. But with its recent foray into rentals and resale through its real estate website along with home buying options has made it an ambitious contender to the existing titans of the industry.

However, its entry into data research and analytics has indeed come as a surprise to most of its peers. Priyatham Kumar, the CEO of, has stated that the company will direct its full efforts to develop a complete ecosystem around “Home” from A to Z.

Especially after the COVID-19 lockdowns, as the whole country has embraced the digital frontier, portals like Homes247 is trying to make the maximum out of the opportunity by giving the customers instant and easy solutions by filtering out the chaos that is always associated with real estate listings and by protecting the ordinary populace from the notorious fraudulent practices prevalent in the industry.

As the whole industry is set to be digitized, the forerunners will always be at an advantage. Sensing this, many startups have already begun to take the right steps to rope in more clientele to the sector, and in the future, there might be whole different variants of investment choices in the real estate sector of India rather than just buying or renting out pieces of land or living spaces. This is where data research and analytics come into play. is now curating up the information and transforming them into something more than just numbers to enhance their products. Thus to better serve their clientele.

Though already possessing a fine collection of data scientists and researchers in-house, is also in talks to acquire data analytic firms to finetune their efforts.

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