Cryptocurrencies have an isolated existence. Designed to be decentralized and work independently, they either have their own separate blockchain ecosystem or run off of other larger ones such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain.

This essentially means that one token cannot interact with another if they run on different ecosystems. As more and more tokens are launched coupled with increased interest due to DeFi, the struggle is getting more serious.

And that’s where Exzo Network project is committed to promoting the adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing products and services that are useful and easy to use. Stefan G. Creadore the founder and developer of the Exzo Network is happy to announce the development of its ExzoSwap Crypto Wallet + DEX and Exzo Network Blockchain.

Exzo Network project includes two main components

  1. A web-based application that will provide a platform for decentralized cross-chain conversion of digital assets.
  1. A blockchain network based on Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism that will provide an ecosystem for creating customized blockchains, deploying smart contracts, with low fees and high throughput.
  1. Exzo Network project will be aimed to include full support of Ethereum based dApps.

Exzo Network will be the platform that provides a wide range of blockchain and DeFi opportunities for users from swapping tokens between different blockchains and earning profits from staking to creating fully-functional dApps written in Solidity and fully compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Initially Exzo Network ecosystem will be a fork of Fantom Network (

Next Generation Of Blockchain Technology

Exzo Network is developing the next generation of blockchain technology implementing a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism that will enable interaction with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) for a high throughput, scalable, low-cost alternative to the Ethereum Mainnet. 

ExzoCoin plans to launch their non-custodial secure crypto and altcoin wallet on the IOS and Android app stores in the upcoming month. The ExzoSwap crypto wallet will feature a decentralized exchange with the 1Inch API integrated, along with a voting platform for alternative cryptocurrencies and new projects to get their communities involved in. 

ExzoSwap will also have features including live price data, 24 hour trading volume, opening and closing price, and other features for improving the crypto investor’s experience. Users will be able to access extended functionalities on the ExzoSwap crypto wallet by purchasing ExzoCoin 2.0 (EXZO), which is currently on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) utilizing Pancakeswap VS. (Smart contract address: 0xF8fC63200e181439823251020d691312FDcF5090).

Features of ExzoSwap:

• Buy crypto using fiat currencies via a 3rd party API such as Moonpay.

• Swap altcoins from multiple blockchains including Ethereum Mainnet, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and more.

• Securely store your altcoins and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, Ethereum, and more utilizing a non-custodial wallet so you’re in control of your assets and seed phrases.

• Create a new crypto wallet or import an existing crypto wallet.

• Vote on or list new altcoin projects to gain more exposure or conduct research upon them.

• Discover trending altcoins and cryptocurrencies.

Exzo Network High-level Solution Architecture:

• A Validator node consists of three components: state machine, consensus and networking. 

• An application can communicate to a node via CLI. Opera network supports auditing by permitting participants to join in post-validation mode.

• An observer (or Monitor) node consists of a state machine, post validation component and networking component.

• The network supports three types of participants: users, validators and monitors.

• Each validating node can create new event blocks. Generation of a new event block indicates that the new block and all of its ancestors have been validated by the creator node of that new event block.

• The consensus mechanism is inherited from the Fantom’s Opera Network and described in the Lachesis Whitepaper (

Exzo Network Web Based Application for Swapping Altcoins and for viewing live market data: 

The Exzo Network will launch a web-based cryptocurrency and altcoin swapping platform that enables users to trade cryptocurrencies on the Ethereum Mainnet, Binance Smartchain (BSC), and polygon network. As well as view live altcoin prices and live cryptocurrency prices, along with trending crypto news, recent transactions, and more. The expected launch for this platform is 1-2 Months.


• Swap cryptocurrencies and trade altcoins.

• View live crypto market data such as live crypto prices, 24-hour volume, opening and closing price, and much more.

• Discover trending crypto news.

• View trending cryptocurrencies and trending altcoins.

• View Live Crypto Price Charts.

Main Components of the Platform:

• Cross-chain swap application

• Main blockchain network supporting Solidity dApps

• Governance token

• Staking module

• Blockchain explorer

• Wallet

About ExzoCoin 2.0 (EXZO) Utility Token:

ExzoCoin 2.0 (EXZO) is a utility token that is utilized on the Exzo Networks secure crypto wallet and decentralized exchange to gain access to extended features and functionalities within the Exzo Network ecosystem. 

ExzoCoin 2.0 (EXZO) has had a security audit conducted by ( to ensure the smart contract doesn’t hold any malicious code or errors within its functionality. EXZO holders also gain reflections for holding the token as a customer reward/loyalty system. 

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