The need for a hybrid; but cohesive workforce that is efficient and effective has never been more important

Gurgaon, Haryana Oct 14, 2021 (  – The time for change has finally arrived. As more and more of our lives become digital, it is vital that we find new ways to empower the GCC Digital workforce so they can keep up with this fast-evolving world! ProHance’s webinar series on ‘Empowering The GCC Digital Workforce’ where it was discussed how employers are looking at technology not only as an opportunity but also a necessity when utilizing employees efficiently through training programs that help them develop necessary skillsets like coding or data entry while still providing value outside traditional office hours.

The webinar gave critical insights into how enterprises can effectively and efficiently manage workload distribution across teams. It also highlighted the benefits of using software like ProHance which enables organizations to be fully BCP (Business Continuity Planning) ready, while leveraging technologies for remote working delivery on an integrated roadmap with HR, Business and IT departments in mind!

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