“Mr. K and The Super” is a myriad of recollections of a newly married ex-GI, who is recently enrolled at Columbia, of his work as a superintendent of two New York City apartment buildings in the early 1950s. The buildings he worked on are ruled by a Polish emigrant landlord named Mr. K. The people occupying the apartment buildings have different backgrounds and personalities. Mr. K seeks to control his tenants with stringent rules but they always backfire by the creativity and wit of his tenants. The apartments, the tenants, the super, and the landlord have a handful of hilarious, touching, and chaotic experiences during those years.

The author takes readers into the exciting world of the characters with a witty and organized flow of words and storyline. In the book, the super is reminiscing his past with a note of amusement. The book is full of anecdotes shared by the tenants. It is a lively and fun book to read. The author did a great job of portraying the characters’ personalities and life.

The book is recommended to those who are avid fiction readers or those who want to read at a leisurely pace and for fun.

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“Mr. K and The Super: A Fictionalized Account of a Student-Super in New York City in the Early 1950s”
Author: Frank W. Dressler
Publisher: Your Online Publicist
Published Date: November 2020
Book Genre: Historical Fiction, Biographical Fiction
Target Audience: Young group from 20 to 40 and older ones from 50 and above.

About the Author
Frank W. Dressler, a retired association executive has volunteered since 1995 with two international organizations in Russia, the Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Romania and Bosnia and The Republic of Georgia, and through his church, in Zimbabwe, Nepal and the Republic of Georgia. He lives with his wife Winifred in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania