NoBull Marketing today announced a newly released hour-long interview with Kathy Bloom – founder and CEO of Bloom Peters, LLC and a founding member of Lawyers With Heart. Kathy is a fierce advocate for the expanded use of Collaborative Law and Mediation throughout Pennsylvania and the nation and shares her thoughts on how we can all do our part to push for greater peacemaking in the family law legal system.

“I first helped start Lawyers With Heart as a group for the Collaborative and Mediation Attorneys I know to network. It soon turned into a group of people who work together on helping keep clients out of court and became an invaluable mental support group throughout COVID-19.” – Kathy Bloom

“In 2031, I hope to see a future in family law where court intervention is no longer necessary, parties are no longer referred to as the ‘plaintiff’ or the ‘defendant’ and divorces and disputes are resolved mutually and peacefully without an adversarial system.” – Kathy Bloom

The interview dives deep into Kathy’s career and insights such as:

– How the Lawyers With Heart Members First Came Together and Why

– Tactics Kathy’s Utilized to Promote Collaborative Law Through Grassroots Methods

– Why Collaborative Law is the Future of Family Law

– Kathy’s Vision for a Non Adversarial Legal System

Access the Interview Here:

About NoBull Marketing: NoBull Marketing is a growth marketing agency specialized in helping peacemaking family lawyers add 2-7 new cases every single month. Through the “Evolving With The Times” podcast, we’re interviewing changemakers such as Colin Rule (, mediation pioneer Woody Mosten, and Maribeth Blessing (Lawyers With Heart) to stay on top of how family law is evolving in response to a more emotionally enlightened market.

About Kathy Bloom: Kathy is a veteran family and real estate lawyer who specializes in collaborative law, mediation, and alternative dispute resolution methodology. In addition to her legal and mediation skills, she’s also a professionally trained parenting coordinator with a background in psychology. She’s a founding member of Lawyers With Heart, an Adjunct Professor at Widener University Delaware Law School, and has been highly lauded for her incredible legal ability and ethical standards.

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