While Many Nonprofits Help Vets Obtain Service Dogs, Warrior Companion is the First and Only Nonprofit Dedicated to Helping Them Pay for the Expenses

As of 2020, 26% of veterans (4.7 million) suffer from service-connected disabilities. Over the past two decades, service animals have harnessed immense popularity for their ability to help disabled veterans and first responders both physically and mentally. Unfortunately, service animals are not cheap to come by, nor are they cheap to care for. The average cost of owning a pet ranges from $1,400-$4,300 per year, not accounting for unexpected expenses such as hefty veterinary bills. While there are many wonderful organizations out there that connect veterans with service animals, there has never been a nonprofit to help them cover the expenses by offering pet insurance free of charge, until now. 

Warrior Companion is the first and only 501(c)(3) nonprofit solely dedicated to helping our heroes cover the expenses that come with owning a service animal. Founded by retired combat medic Jack Bodolosky, Warrior Companion seeks to bridge the gap between tangible help and accessibility for many veterans and first responders. Now the owner and operator of a veterinary hospital in Sullivan County, New York, Jack understands first-hand the rising cost of pet care and the pivotal role these animals play in the lives of those who need them. 

From physical disabilities to PTSD, anxiety, depression, and everything in between, service animals provide a purpose-driven opportunity to lean on a companion who does not judge and gives unconditional love. Unfortunately, the Veterans Association does not cover the cost of pet insurance to ensure that veterans have the means to support the animals who support them in improving their quality of life. Consequently, veterans who live on a fixed income may miss a dire opportunity to leverage the help of a service dog simply for fear of unexpected costs. By providing pet insurance, Warrior Companion provides hope in the midst of trials.

“As a combat medic, we take an oath to take care of our brothers and sisters in wartime and peacetime. Warrior Companion is my way to help other brothers, sisters and heroes deal with their daily routines with the help of service animals.”

Dedicated to supporting the patriots who have put their lives on the line to keep this country safe, and the four-legged friends who serve with pride, Warrior Companion seeks to cultivate a community of like-minded individuals to help ensure that no veteran goes without the care they need. 

To learn more about Warrior Companion or to donate to the cause, please visit: https://www.warriorcompanion.com/ 

About Warrior Companion

Warrior Companion is a Texas and New York-based 501 (c)(3) dedicated to helping disabled veterans and service members who rely on service dogs cover the high cost of pet insurance. Founded by combat veteran Jack Bodolosky in 2014, Warrior Companion breaks the status quo by shedding a light on the ever-present issues that disabled veterans face every day. Over 26% of veterans have a service-related disability, and while many rely on service dogs to navigate daily life, the cost of owning a service dog can be out of the realm of possibility on fixed incomes. Warrior Companion, a DBA of Companion Animal Foundation, provides the pet insurance required to care for service animals of all breeds and sizes.