Help yourself and others

We at Holistic Academy plan to remap your mind and body so that you can stop damaging yourself and become a better person. If you complete the second level of our course, you will get the Holistic Health Coach Accreditation, as we have partnered with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

Understanding the problems

Most of you are unaware that there is a magnetic field that relates directly to your mind and body. Any interruption will cause total imbalance, and either the mind or the body, or both will suffer,

• We know how to relieve you from stress and re-instate calmness in your mind for clear thinking.

• An unhealthy lifestyle due to work pressure can be harmful and the reason for bio magnetic issues. Allow us to show you how to deal with the problem and change your lifestyle for a better version of yourself.

In the first stage, you will learn to take care of yourself when in a problem. But if you choose to continue with us, you will also learn how to help others become the merrier versions in their journeys. We offer the courses for Holistic Health Coach Certifications which will train you to become the health coach.

Be a coach quickly

While many trainers take months and years to impart the knowledge, we can offer you the course completion within even six months. After completing, you can be a successful bio magnetic therapist too. Our ways of certified holistic health coach trainings are highly effective. It will develop your innate skills and also share the necessary skills to help others. On successful completion, you can help many individuals be happy in life, just as we made you.

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Address: 22106 Red Sand Drive, San Antonio, TX 78264

Phone: (210) 906-0308

Email: admin ( @ ) myholisticacademy dot com