The supernatural genre meets the physical, presenting a vivid worldly grasp!
The term Physi-Tual trademarked in February 2021

Aurora, Ontario Sep 28, 2021 (  – The supernatural genre meets the physical, presenting a vivid worldly grasp! AMC Publishers has launched an online arts warehouse, Physi-Tual genre capital global group Ltd on September 2021 to provide the art-lovers with a knack for supernatural with physical + spiritual artworks. The company has begun the era for a world wondrous genre of arcane told arts, especially with their vast supernatural symbolized pieces of physically formed art. They have started with a small set of artist signed, graphite & charcoal sketched pieces, from replica to prints. The unique genre of Physi-Tual is revealing the depth beyond physical entertainment to the world with their incredible art collection.

The buyers can purchase any art print from their wide range of collections in the branded Physi-Tual Capital warehouse starting from $60 to $120. The company is helping to grow this Physi-Tual era of entertainment before all senses. Austin M. Collings, also the author of the 1st Physi-Tual genre novel has created all the starting arts on the online warehouse. He has been drawing spiritual paintings since he was only 9. His paintings at that time left people mesmerized. As he grew up, he became more polished sharpening his skills along the way. His works offer an insight into the spiritual world and interaction with the physical. His quote from the novel, ‘Once we gain insights, ‘only then can we gain sight in things’ describes his arts the best.

Any artwork from the starting selection of Physi-Tual art offers the buyers an experience beyond physical entertainment with flying colors for all to enjoy. The artworks connect with the high art symbols, the vast patterns, the true spiritual showing metaphoric colors, and simply with it in mystery before their senses. True art lovers will feel the depth of spiritual articulation through their production of arts.

Canada-based AMC publishers are run by two members at the moment, Austin M. Collings and Marcia Collings, the chief entrepreneur. They have trademarked the Physi-Tual genre and made it official as a brand and company globally. Now everyone can be a part of this unique Physi-TualCap business expressing it in any way they please, helping the economy grow everywhere. Their mutual passion has driven them from the beginning to offer the shoppers an amazing experience into the spiritual reverie. It is a thrilling experience for them to articulately express their spiritual side in a physical manner through their collection of arts.

The team of AMC Publishers is providing a wide range of products that are bound to attract the interest of the visitors. They offer an amazingly smooth shopping experience to the buyers making it as rewarding and fun as possible in the Physi-Tual entertainments of the art warehouse. To know about their products in detail, make sure to visit them at

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