People have busy lives. Work. Kids. Marriage. The list could go on and on. But if this pandemic has taught folks anything, it’s that they should never stop shopping around for the best price in just about any situation, and that includes car insurance.

Believe it or not, the price of car insurance can be one of the two or three most costly expenses for the typical American family, and most people do not do a very good job of comparing rates on a consistent basis. That means many families could be leaving a lot of money on the table, so to speak.

“Let’s face it… car insurance is not something folks really like discussing,” said Martin Thomas, Senior Editor, Car Insurance Judge. “But like so many people in this country with multiple cars in one family, it’s most likely that families are paying a ton of money to insure those cars, especially if there are children under 25 years of age. They had better be shopping around for the best price.”

Below are seven reasons compiled by Car Insurance Judge why people should think about making changes to their auto insurance policy, or at least calling their agent to see if they can get a better rate:

1. Credit score improved.

2. Marital status changed.

3. Added or removed a driver or vehicle from insurance policy.

4. Purchased a new house.

5. Moved to a new city.

6. Need speciality auto insurance coverage.

7. Current insurer increased insurance rates.

“Too often, one or more of these changes take place, and people just don’t do anything at all,” said Thomas. “For some reason, folks just accept the car insurance rates that they get month after month, year after year, and don’t do anything about it. They could really be losing out on some potential savings.”

If drivers haven’t done it for a while, they should call their insurance agent immediately to see if they can lower their current rate. It costs absolutely nothing to ask the question, and they could just end up getting a very surprising answer.

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