The ZYGAVERSE brand coach is just as valuable as a resume writer at one quarter of the cost!

Just 2-years after launching their innovative company, ZYGAVERSE has “wowed” users again with their newest platform feature – the Brand Coach. For the last 3 years ZYGAVERSE has been a pioneer in the personal branding space, developing and offering multiple products to service this niche. Products include an evolved resume building platform capable of supporting rich media such as video introductions of job seekers, university portfolio sections, and ATS conversion functionality to better capture job seeker’s personal brands; a scientifically informed interview hacking micro-credential; and most recently, a book on personal branding – to educate individuals about important elements of their brand. The new Brand Coach feature comes as a valuable addition to their already, high-quality suite of products.

In short, the Brand Coach functions as an automated, affordable, and personal coach that guides users on how to properly fill out their resume in alignment with hiring managers expectations. As users get to certain sections of their resume the coach pops up interactive tips and videos with helpful content. Usually, job seekers are forced to pay resume writers $400-$500 for this service. With this tool, job seekers access valuable CV writing advice for a fraction of the cost. It should be noted, ZYGAVERSE has explicitly stated nothing will be able to replace the genuine, one-to-one, completely personalised interaction job seekers get with a human resume writing professional, and it’s not their goal to displace this swath of professionals. Instead, ZYGAVERSE has partnered with resume writers, touting this feature as a plug and play intermediate resume coaching solution for their business with a lower barrier to entry for their customers which can then be upsold to personal coaching.

Another value add of the architecture ZYGAVERSE has developed is through the Brand Coaches ability to be white labelled by industry partners. Meaning career coaches, universities, and employability skills training providers can develop specific coaches for different roles, demographics, and industries. This ability has been well-received, the above all having signed up to provide their resume coaching advice in an effective and functional way to their audiences.

“ZYGAVERSE’s mission, from day one, has been to improve the employability of its customers and we’re now able to do that even more with the coach feature we’ve developed. Its exciting, we’ve been working towards this for years”, Jayden Kafanelis, cofounder of ZYGAVERSE. Dan Grant, CTO and cofounder had this to say, “In my 20 years of working closely with technology and watching it advance, I’ve come to realise how powerful and influential it can be in people’s lives. We really want to help people, and it’s a proud moment when our own tech that we’ve been working on for what feels like a lifetime, can now positively impact job seekers quality of life through helping them to gain employment”.

ZYGAVERSE seems to have come into this market at exactly the right time. Widespread disruption to hordes of professionals due to COVID has left many on the hunt for a job, and to secure an opportunity amongst the sea of qualified professionals requires a potently effective resume. Something their newest feature is sure to help with.


ZYGAVERSE is an innovative technology and science-based company founded in 2019 and is focussed on boosting the employability of job seekers. It offers an evolved resume building platform with an interactive, automated resume coach to guide users through the resume creation process; a scientifically informed “interview hacking” course which is currently being micro-credentialled by universities; and a book on personal branding. In 2021 it formed partnerships with resume writers, career agencies, international charities, universities, and professional development bodies for graduates.