At the start of 2021, many countries worldwide were initiating unlock and the travel ban was lifted to a certain extent. Precautions were taken by government authorities and citizens alike to curb the spread of the Covid-19 infection.

To protect the health of people, many insurance companies globally redesigned their travel and health insurance policies to offer covid-19 coverage. is one of the leading Visitor Insurance Providers in the US. Recently Visitor Guard® expanded its health insurance portfolio to include visitor insurance plans with covid-19 coverage.

Visitor Guard® offers insurance plans like Safe Travel USA Comprehensive, Patriot America Plus, Atlas America which now include coverage for coronavirus. These policies can provide good protection for unfortunate incidences like hospitalization, baggage loss, personal accidents, and of course Covid-19 infection.

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Pallavi Sadekar, Chief Marketing Executive of believes that expanding the visitor health insurance portfolio to include top-rated plans with covid-19 coverage will greatly benefit new as well as existing clients.

Sadekar also mentioned that “Visitor Guard® has been insuring both foreign and American customers for many years. Not all plans are created equal, and it is prudent to compare shop Visitor Insurance with Covid coverage for price and benefits.”

Swati Vijla (name changed for privacy reasons) one of the many customers of Visitors Guard shared her experience with us, she said,” I purchased Patriot America Plus before flying to the US for me and my husband. At first, I was skeptical of purchasing Insurance online from a foreign company considering the fact that I live in India. But surprisingly, the process was pretty straight forward and all my queries were patiently solved by the staff via phone calls.” Vijla added, “I recommend to everyone, their service is the best.”

Anand Shaha (name changed for privacy reasons) had bought Safe Travel USA Comprehensive Insurance, before visiting the US to meet his son. But unfortunately, within days of landing, Shaha was severely ill. The cost of his treatment was covered by the policy. Shaha said, “My son has recently received a green card and is still struggling to establish his foothold in the new country. My entire family was extremely worried due to my critical condition, the treatment bill was paid by the insurance company. helped us with the claims process.”

It is common sense to purchase a trusted visitor insurance plan with covid-19 coverage to cover unexpected medical treatment. make the process of being protected very simple and easy.