“Do not fear the dark. For without darkness, we will never find or know the light.” — Perspectus

Have you ever had troubled thoughts stemming from pain and depression? Do you toy around with the idea of ending it all in order to ease your pain? These thoughts come from the depths of a troubled soul seeking deliverance in one form or another. This is what Perspectus’ fascinating novel “Soul Seeker: Reflections on a Spiritual Journey from Darkness to the Light” reflects on within its pages.

Perspectus is the pen name of a senior international communication professional, author, journalist, and cartoonist hailing from the Washington, DC metropolitan region. He wrote and published “Soul Seeker” under a pen name in order to focus all attention on the spiritual journey he has written in the book. Perspectus uses his story to emphasize the importance of knowing darkness in order to appreciate the light’s true value. He plans to use proceeds from sales of the book to fund a college scholarship program for disadvantaged students.

“Soul Seeker” isn’t a book about overcoming suicide and depression, however. It is a record of the author’s personal journey from the depths of the human spirit to a spiritual awakening that connected him to a power higher than himself. It is a book that meditates on overcoming a crisis of the soul and will guide readers through the meditations and metaphysical concepts about the connection between the human mind and the human body. Using a variety of media, including prose, poetry, and photography, to discuss spirituality and enlightenment, the author urges readers to believe that a Higher Power connects all things, and is pushing each individual to never give up hope for healing.

“Soul Seeker: Reflections on a Spiritual Journey from Darkness to the Light” is a story of redemption that uses a medium that’s easy to read and understand. It is an uplifting and liberating examination of the soul that will help its readers know a little more about their own spirituality as they go through its pages.

Those interested in learning more about the spirituality offered by “Soul Seeker: Reflections on a Spiritual Journey from Darkness to the Light,” and who don’t mind funding a good cause in the process, may purchase the book via Amazon.

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