Dual Fantasy features 40 pieces of digital artwork with eclectic models decked out in high crypto fashion (yes, that’s a thing) in fantasy-like settings. The feel is vintage dream meets luxurious dystopian opalescence.

Pimptronot has been leading the way in developing and designing high-end virtual galleries. This NFT gallery sells for 200ETH and is one of a kind. Contarsy and Pimptronot opted for an OpenSea NFT over the traditional route of high fashion magazines or fine art galleries to display their collaboration as the allure of the digital space speaks to the fundamental truth as to why Contarsy and Pimptronot entered into art in the first place, “to make cool shit that makes people think, feel, and see” noted Pimptronot.

Pimptronot recently released his humanitarian NFT ‘Salvator Mundi’ (Savior of the World) to attract a buyer to help the homeless in NYC. The release would be the most expensive NFT painting in the world, valued at 260,000 ETH. Follow the link to the work on Opensea.io.

This multi-talented mixed-media artist is prolific in his creations of Art, Music, and Design. He incorporates messaging and themes that encourage giving back and building a more compassionate society. ArtNet notes “In the year 2021, Pimptronot is a new Andy Warhol. A true visionary and mirror for contemporary popular culture.”

“Digital is the future for artists and fans plus high-end luxury, designer one of a kind art that everyone can view but only one special person can own is the now. You either get it or you don’t, that’s the beauty of art, and that’s the beauty of NFTs,” remarked Pimptronot.

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