WAJ Ent. announces changes and continues building partnerships with New Jersey businesses to better support independent artists.

For their 7th year anniversary, We Are Jersey Magazine owners, Bridget Papino & Daniel Banks are making changes to the independent media outlet. Changes including; partnerships, offerings, and logistical platform details were announced to the creative team on August 29th. Papino states “Our platform’s purpose remains the same, we cater to independent artists by supporting them in as many ways as possible.” We Are Jersey Magazine, also known as We Are Jersey Entertainment (WAJ ent.) has already implemented changes within branding earlier this year with the name and logo part of the first stages of changes. Another change implemented for the company is the separation of domain for the services and magazine. The website wajmagazine.com will be for readers and supporters, as wearejerseyent.com will be reserved for artists and creatives searching their services.

Outside of branding, WAJ Ent. has also introduced partnerships with local New Jersey businesses to strengthen the outlet’s name in major cities. Partnerships including apparel store fronts and an audio/visual production company have been added. The media outlet plans to add other store fronts to help distribute the magazine in physical locations, while distributing artist visuals will be with the partner Rose City Productions. WAJ Ent. will be connecting individuals to the space in North Brunswick and further pushing New Jersey creatives in front of more people.

In the effort to support independent music artists better, the media outlet allows artists to self-submit their music and creative work directly to the magazine, social media pages, and online blog. In late September/ early October We Are Jersey will be adding another platform artists and other creatives can distribute their work under. An official mobile app that will be user friendly for supporters of independent music artists is expected to be available for download the last week of September.

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About We Are Jersey Ent.

We are Jersey is the brainchild of entrepreneur Bridget Papino & Daniel Banks. They have

emphasized building relationships by being transparent with their clients and providing them with

a comfortable work environment while still achieving every goal together as a team.

We are putting the power back in the hands of Creatives. We are unapologetic in our approach to

the industry and have redefined what it means to be an artist management company, record label,

booking agency, marketing & entertainment consultancy all under one roof. We are all about

creativity and self-expression. Everything we do spotlights individuality and you, the world, and

your community.