Former footballer and No. 1 bestselling author Metri Green is releasing a new podcast version of his incredible book, Urban Hippie.

From Austria to a Red Bull-sponsored team to back and forth seasons between Brazil and Italy, Metri Green got the opportunity to live the life of a pro football player for four years before retirement.

Twin sons and another two daughters later brought him away from the world of football and into the realm of fatherhood. At age 34, Metri agrees that there’s still always something to learn. He navigates all this and more in his storytelling, his first bestseller being Urban Hippie.

Hardworking as well as gifted, Metri helped manage his parent’s six restaurants, his namesake Demetri’s Woodstone Taverna on the Edmonds waterfront. Additionally, Metri coached college and high school football in his coaching career after graduating from the University of Puget Sound. Being socially outgoing and laid back since a young age helped Metri land a job after retiring from sports.

Eventually, he realized that his children were more important than anything else and as such Metri has now authored 3 books. Urban Hippie is his first and was so successful that it led him to start his own Urban Hippie Podcast which he’ll be releasing this year.

Metri, a Greek-American raised in both an urban and suburban environment, has made great strides to cross all lines. He speaks to everyone he meets from all walks of life with ease while juggling his passions for sports, his kids and his writing.

Metri’s main focus right now is his first book The Urban Hippie and The Urban Hippie Podcast. What’s next for him is to build a platform he can use to spread unconditional love in a real way, without censorship or any type of filter. He wants to spark the change of bridging racial relations by bringing awareness that race doesn’t matter. It’s all about love, human connections and being part of one race-the human race.

Metri would like to expand his writing and produce a book-style journal about his MVP, championship season in 2011 playing for Corinthians in São Paulo, Brazil. He wants to even go further and write a novel detailing the dystopian future of football screenplay. Metri found his calling after football in family and creativity and wants to move people to find unity and inspiration with his podcast and writing.

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