Swimwear and resort wear that will never go out of style.

Every woman knows how a swimsuit that embraces the body perfectly can be so empowering. It exudes confidence that no matter what shape or size, every woman is beautiful just the way they are. Just imagine finding the perfect swimwear that does not only flaunt the body in the right way but was also made in quality materials with a sustainability cause. And through Los Angeles-based luxury sustainable lifestyle brand Botanical Beach Babes, this idea became a reality. Botanical Beach Babes features the most gorgeous and eco-friendly swimwear collections and stands out with their one of a kind take on style and sustainability.

There is no denying that Botanical Beach Babes has taken on the spotlight when it comes to being a brand that celebrates female entrepreneurship, sustainability, innovation, and philanthropy. Their designs are worn by top fashion stars in the industry like Maja Malnar, Tatjana Mariposa, and Jelena Markovic, to name a few. As a way of telling the world that it’s possible for luxury to meet sustainability, the brand sees itself as an online creative hub that features women who are effortlessly comfortable in their own skin. Specifically, according to the team at Botanical Beach Babes, “Botanical Beach Babes is a lifestyle brand where women can buy a bikini and promote their very own fashion blog through our online community.” Not to mention that they also get features in fashion magazines such as Elle, Vogue, and Vanity Fair.

As seasons come and go in the world of fashion, Botanical Beach Babes’s designs are a mix of trendy and chic pieces that go well with timeless and classic silhouettes. Just recently, they launched their collection of luxury sustainable swimwear and resort wear styles exclusively at the SLS Hotel for the 2021 Miami Swim Week. From one piece to bikinis, each and every design that Botanical Beach Babes debuted were not just eye-catching but were carefully designed to cater to every woman. They gave a fresh face to typical swimwear designs by adding unique cut-outs and little embellishments, available in solid bright, neutral, and pastel colors, and prints. This collection is the brainchild of their professional team of Creative Directors from California, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, and Spain,

There is more to Botanical Beach Babes than their fashionable line of swim and resort wear, they also contribute to various education programs for women and environmentally friendly organizations focused on ocean conservation. Be part of their community and become a Botanical Beach Babe. Visit https://www.botanicalbeachbabes.com/ for more information.

About Botanical Beach Babes

Botanical Beach Babes is a luxury sustainable lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles. The brand features eco-friendly swimwear collections exclusively designed by their professional team of Creative Directors from California, Australia, Italy, Switzerland, and Spain.