With the market release of the platform, called iSymphonyTM, Innominds joins the fast-growing low-code no-code movement for rapid application development (RAD). iSymphonyTM provides a development environment to create application software through a graphical user interface and configuration instead of traditional hand-coded computer programming.

“In the rapidly evolving digital world with changing customer preferences and the shift to remote work, there is an urgent need to build software at speed. The capability to fail fast and pivot is valuable in such times. A low-code platform like iSymphonyTM combined with our integrated devices, apps, analytics and cloud expertise enable businesses to step up the momentum of their digital innovation,” said Divakar Tantravahi, CEO, Innominds. He added the company had invested a considerable part of their R&D and innovation budget on developing iSymphonyTM.

The platform helps the tech c-suite deliver new features quickly to meet changing customer needs, provide enterprise-grade security, reduce operational costs, and eliminate technical debt, and ensure scalability. By automating repetitive tasks, it enables developers to focus on developing features that make an application unique and improve user experience.

“iSymphonyTM is well-suited for ISVs with end-clients in highly competitive markets because it powers Digital Next innovation through building and deploying applications really quickly, even within days or weeks, instead of months and years,” Sairam Vedam, CMO, Innominds said.

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